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About Heather

I have been working in sales and marketing for the last ten years. I started in the health and fitness industry and moved my way through corporate, and eventually nonprofit. I created my first Facebook business page in 2007 and never looked back. I quickly saw the potential that social media had for reaching like-minded individuals in a timely manner. Social media offered a place for conversation and community. I quickly jumped in with both feet and learned everything I could about social media metrics, platforms, etiquette, and policies. I started my own digital marketing agency in 2012 and have been working with businesses on developing their brand and telling their story. I have yet to encounter a business that cannot benefit from the power and reach of social media marketing.

Today, I have worked with over 30 businesses and have managed hundreds of social media platforms. From realtors, to fitness professionals, to start up companies, I help businesses identify their ideal client, streamline their online messaging, and achieve results that they can be proud of.

An Idaho Native, I have been living on the East Coast for the last 4 years. I have 3 children, a loving husband, and a sweet labradoodle. When I am not online creating content and writing, I enjoy spending time with my children, finding new and exotic restaurants with my husband, and traveling as a family. We miss the mountains of the west but love the diversity and endless activities here on the east coast.



Digital Marketing Strategy

Having a plan before launching any campaign or program is essential to get the expected return on investment and time. A strategy takes a deep dive into the actions and spending habits of your ideal client. I will put together a competitor analysis and investigate what your competition is doing as far as online marketing, messaging, and engagement.  I will then come up with a solid 6-month plan to get in front of your ideal client and address their pain points. I will produce several creative ideas to help your company stand out against the competition, deliver value to your clients, and generate a solid community while reaching your online goals and objectives.


Once I have a solid strategy in place, I will come onsite and implement the strategy while teaching your in-house staff how to think socially, act responsively and to be proactive when it comes to online marketing for your company. I will teach your team member(s) how to  effectively, and passionately, take over the social media and to drive clients to your website. My consulting services can be done on-site or online. I offer several consulting packages that range from 3 months to 12 months and can be tailored to your company’s current knowledge and skill set when it comes to online marketing.
Please contact me to inquire about packages.


I am available to speak at your conference, lunch and learn, or just meet with a few folks in the boardroom. I can speak on topics such as: Facebook for Business, Twitter for Business, Leveraging, LinkedIn, and more.
Please contact me to receive a list of speaking topics and inquire about further speaking opportunities and prices.


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