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For those who love what social media can do, but hate doing it themselves.

Social Moxie

Social Moxie is a force of character.

In today’s noisy and distracting world, no amount of shouting or arm waving will get you noticed. Social Moxie gives your brand the magnetic appeal needed to turn heads and attract a like-minded audience. Our goal is to create a brand vision worth its weight so that when customers come, they stay, and when they stay, they buy. We do this on a data-driven and organic level, improving engagement by translating a corporate agenda into words, images, and messages your target audience loves to hear.

About the owner

Heather Myklegard began her career in the health and fitness industry and climbed her way up through corporate and nonprofit organizations. When she created her first Facebook business page in 2007, she never looked back. Even ten years ago, Heather saw the immense potential of the social machine. Communities gathered around a cause. Fans collected around a product. Customers raved about a service. She learned early on that creativity and data analysis were an unlikely—and extremely powerful—duo in this environment, and she uses both to her clients’ advantage when crafting results-driven campaigns.

“Paid campaigns are important, but organic reach and engagement are what provides the true return on investment. Do it right, and great customers will follow.




Social Media Strategy

If your social media results aren’t impressive, there’s a good chance your branding and messaging aren’t either. While social media may seem authentic and in-the-moment, it rarely is for businesses who want a high return on their investment. The trick is crafting a campaign strategy that operates like a duck on water, smooth and steady with a flutter of tactical activity beneath the surface. In short, you need a plan.

Social Moxie uses competitor analysis, customer pain-point evaluations, and social performance reviews of your current efforts to create a 6-month strategy that increases engagement, directs web traffic, and promotes brand awareness.

Show me my social strategy



As important as strategy is, it’s wasted if not implemented and cared for appropriately. If your company has onsite staff ready to take the social media helm, we offer several short- and long-term consulting and training packages that can be tailored to your company’s current knowledge and skill set. These sessions include how to think with a social media vocabulary, act responsibly, and be proactive. Services are available in-person and online for your convenience, and range from introductory to social media mastery.
Give my team the tools.


Social Media Management

Whether you are running your own business or your own marketing department, a line inevitably forms between “stuff I love to do for my company” and “stuff I know I should do but don’t.” This is exactly why we only focus on social media at Social Moxie; we know it, we love it, and we can’t wait to see how our strategies move the needle for our clients. If you find yourself paralyzed and overwhelmed by the strategy, implementation, and management of social media, hand it over. You’ll still be a part of the process, but we’ll be the savvy partner who does all the heavy lifting. And now you’ll have time for everything else on your list.
Take my social to the next level. And off my plate.




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