Over the last year, I have been searching high and low for just the right person to take care of my 3 children. I work from home and need someone who can come in and keep the boys occupied and away from my office. I use several sites such as care.com and sittercity.com to place ads and to look for individuals who I think might be a good fit for our family. After several interviews, having to fire 2, and have serious discussions with 2 others, I have learned many invaluable lessons about managing people that I hadn’t known before.

1. Know What Questions To Ask-When interviewing someone write down the questions you want to ask them before they get there. You may think you will remember it all, but you won’t.

2. Don’t Assume They Know What to Do-People can’t read your mind and we don’t all think alike. Don’t assume that they are going to do things the way you want them done or the way you do them. If you want it done a certain way you have to tell them.

3. Ask the Hard Questions-I never thought I would have to ask if they had ever been arrested or drink or do drugs. But, after several interviews it is apparent that I do need to ask these questions. These are my children and I would want know this about any person I was working with or had around my kids.

4. If Something Isn’t Working, Say It-If you are not happy they cannot change unless you give them a chance. Tell them what isn’t working and see if they can fix it. If not, it may be time to let them go.

5. Have Regular Check Ins-It is a good idea to make sure your employees are happy. A happy employee is going to work harder for you than an unhappy employee.

6. Get to Know Them-It’s not all about work. Find out who they are. What do they enjoy doing? Get to know them a little. Show an interest in them as a person and you may be surprised how much more they are willing to do for you as an employee.

7. Watch them Work-What kind of worker are they? Are they doing their job well? Are they taking it seriously? You have every right to watch and find out.

8. Tell Them Your Expectations-Expectations are hard but they are even harder if you don’t express them. Tell your employee what you expect from them. It will be easier for them to deliver the results you need.

9. Teach Them– You would think most nanny’s would know how to change a diaper but this may be new territory for them. Not every position is the same as the one before. Just because they don’t know how to do something doesn’t mean they can’t learn. Take the time to teach them.

10. Listen-Listen to what your employee has to say. We can all learn from one another and they may have a different perspective on things that we never thought about.