When I started my digital marketing company in 2012, I went a whole year without a website. I know some of you marketers and social media experts are cringing, but it is true. I did not have the money for a website, so I used a Facebook business page. And guess what? I still got clients.

Yes, I know there are so many ways to create a website. Wix, Weebly, Squarespace….I did not want to go that route. I believe you get what you pay for, and I was truly not interested in learning how to build my own site. I knew what I wanted, and what I wanted, I could not build myself. So, I waited. I had 5 clients before I ever had a website. Once I finally could afford the website I wanted, it was a client who built it! I thought that once I had a website the clouds would part, the sun would shine down on me, and I would suddenly have more clients than I could handle. Yeah, that didn’t happen. At all. It was a very underwhelming feeling once my website was live, but I did it. I had the website so people could find me and learn more about me. It was needed and I am glad I did it. I have since created a whole new website that I like even more than my first.

What is the moral to this story? The moral is do not let fear, indecision, or finances keep you from starting your business. Start it! Now. Today. GO! I didn’t have a catchy name, a beautiful website, or a fancy marketing slick to hand out to people. And I still don’t. What I had, and still have, is me. I knew that I had something people needed. I had knowledge. I had the time to give my clients and I had the skills that my clients needed. I was my brand. I am my brand. I was my company name and website. And it worked. None of my clients cared that I didn’t have a website or what my company name was. In fact, if you ask them today what my company name is, they probably have no idea. But if you ask them who does their social media, they will tell you loud and proud, “Heather does it!” And that is all either of us need to hear.

So, what is keeping you from moving forward? A name? A website? A business plan? Get started! You can do the other stuff as you go. Yes, it would be ideal to have everything in place. A beautiful website, with matching business cards, and a name that you feel proud of. But, let’s get real, that isn’t always possible. I am still trying to find that perfect brand for myself. In the meantime, I am building my business, getting new clients, and making money.

You can make this happen! You are creating a business for a reason. You believe in your business and you have a gift, talent, or product that you want people to buy! So, get out there and tell them about it! Stop making excuses and schedule that coffee date, reach out to the warm lead your friend told you about, and ask that business owner sitting next to you at the networking event if you could be of service to them. The worst thing they could say is……no.

What steps will you take today to get your business off the ground and running?