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Social Moxie

Social Moxie was created so that businesses could cut through the noise and confusion of online marketing. Moxie means know-how and courage. Social Moxie has the know-how to be excellent online and to deliver your message to your ideal client with courage, class, and creativity.

Social Moxie has been working in the sales and marketing space for the last ten years. The owner and founder, Heather Myklegard, started in the health and fitness industry and moved her way through corporate, and eventually nonprofit. She created her first Facebook business page in 2007 and never looked back. Heather quickly saw the potential that social media had for reaching like-minded individuals in a timely manner. Social media offered a place for conversation and community. Heather  jumped in with both feet and learned everything she could about social media metrics, platforms, etiquette, and policies. She started her own social media agency in 2012 and has been working with businesses on developing their brand and telling their story ever since. Heather has a team of contractors from all over the country that share her enthusiasm and creativity for online marketing.  Heather has yet to encounter a business that cannot benefit from the power and reach of social media marketing and enjoys teaching these concepts to others so that they too can benefit from this powerful new tool.

Today, Social Moxie has worked with several brands from small entrepreneurs in the fitness industry, to retail stores, real estate investors and large companies and start ups. Our clients have seen increases in online engagement go up 60 sometimes 100% based on the work and content we produce. 

The beautiful part about online marketing is the ability to work with businesses all over the world. Social Moxie believes in organic and genuine engagement and interactions on social media. Their mission is to show businesses how they can put moxie back into their online marketing. 



Social Media Strategy

Having a plan before launching any campaign or program is essential to get the expected return on investment and time. A strategy takes a deep dive into the actions and spending habits of your ideal client. We will put together a competitor analysis and investigate what your competition is doing as far as online marketing, messaging, and engagement.  We will then come up with a solid 6-month plan to get in front of your ideal client and address their pain points. We will produce several creative ideas to help your company stand out against the competition, deliver value to your clients, and generate a solid community while reaching your online goals and objectives.

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Once we have a solid strategy in place, we will come onsite and implement the strategy while teaching your in-house staff how to think socially, act responsively and to be proactive when it comes to online marketing for your company. We will teach your team member(s) how to  effectively, and passionately, take over the social media and to drive clients to your website. Our consulting services can be done on-site or online. We offer several consulting packages that range from 3 months to 12 months and can be tailored to your company’s current knowledge and skill set when it comes to online marketing.

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Social Media Management

We at Social Moxie totally understand that feeling of overwhelm and too much to do. That is why after several years we have decided to only focus on social media. That is our “one thing”. It is our one thing because we know it and we do it well. Let us help you get back to doing your “one thing” and let us take the reigns of your social media marketing. We will create content, post to all platforms, and manage each account as if it were our own. We will take over your corporate voice and engage with your ideal client in a professional and creative way. Get back to doing what you love and let us do the social media part. Our ideal client sees the value in social media but does not have the time or desire to do it themselves. If this is you, schedule a FREE 30 minute phone call with our Chief Strategist today!

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